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XILLI - Escabeches Set

XILLI - Escabeches Set

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HABANEROS en ESCABECHE, Mayan-Style Pickled Habaneros.

In the Mayan region of Mexico, this legendary, “tropical” version of pickled chiles is a staple to elevate the cuisine of the region to heroic levels.


JALAPEÑOS en ESCABECHE, Herbed & Spiced Pickled Jalapeños.

Escabeche is the Spanish word for Pickle. In Mexico, these are standard in any fridge, fonda, restaurant or cantina.


CEBOLLAS ENCURTIDAS, Herbed & Spiced Pickled Jalapeños.

In the Mayan region of Mexico, these pickled onions are a must-have for any of the Pibil dishes native to the region, including the famous Cochinita Pibil.

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