Mexican Chef-Researcher and Culinary Consultant, Nacxi Gaxiola has almost 20 years of experience specializing in authentic Mexican cuisine. His research-based approach to recipe and menu creation aims to honor traditional Mexican cuisine, while elevating it through modern techniques.

Nacxi strives for perfection, but believes it can only be achieved through practice, persistence, and the art of consistent reproduction. He holds conscientious methods and communal values as cornerstones of his vision, paying attention to every detail so that it is thoughtful, mindful, aware, and done with a dedication to sustainable methods and practices, all the while pushing boundaries and finding new and innovative ways to engage.

Teaching the world about Mexican flavors and culture is important to him because, as an immigrant, he has seen, first-hand how Mexican food is often misunderstood, misrepresented and even diminished. He wants to share his appreciation for the complex and bold preparations that sometimes take days or weeks to prepare and replace these misconceptions with the dynamic realities of traditional Mexican cuisine. 

Nacxi’s promise is to constantly evolve - pushing boundaries, giving back, and exposing the voices and new methods he believes in.