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XILLI - Mole Set

XILLI - Mole Set

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MOLE POBLANO, The Original, Reinvented.

The origin of the name reveals its Pre-Hispanic roots: 'molli' means 'sauce' in indigenous Nahuatl. Our version contains 30 different ingredients and takes 5 days to make. A preparation honoring ancient traditions.


PIPIAN VERDE, Pepita, Cilantro & Epazote Mole.

The word Pepian derives from Pepita (Pumpkin Seed). A classic green pepita and Mexican herb mole that will lift your spirit up.

MOLE NEGRO, The Oaxacan & Ashy, "Reinterpreted".

This Enigmatic, Mystical and Ancestral version is as unique, mysterious and delicious as its name implies.

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