Mole According to RuPaul

Alright, hunties, let's spill the tea on mole, darling! Picture this: mole is like the ultimate Mexican sauce, serving up a delicious fiesta of flavors that'll make your taste buds sashay down the runway, honey! We're talking about a rich, velvety sauce that's packed with spices, chilies, chocolate, and a whole lotta love, yas queen!

Now, mole isn't just any old sauce, darling. It's got history, it's got culture, it's got attitude, honey! Each region in Mexico has its own signature mole, serving up a unique blend of ingredients and sass that'll leave you gagging for more, ooh la la!

And let's not forget about the preparation, hunty! Making mole is like a fierce kitchen dance, mama – it's all about roasting, toasting, grinding, and simmering until you've got a sauce that's smoother than a queen's runway walk, yasss!

But here's the real gag, darling: mole isn't just about the taste, honey – it's about the spirit of Mexico, the celebration of tradition, and the joy of sharing a meal with those you love. So grab your tortillas, honey, and get ready to dive into a world of flavor, because when it comes to mole, we're all living our best spicy, saucy fantasy, hunty!


* (These were not RuPaul own words. We asked Chatgpt for this, and we did appreciate the accuracy of the significance embedded with RuPaul own style; so we thought some of you might enjoy)