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Veracruz Salsa Macha

Veracruz Salsa Macha

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Chipotle Meco & Coffee in Chile Oil

For this Regional Series, we intend to highlight some of the country's most unique, diverse, and culturally rich regions by emphasizing local ingredients, in this case, native chiles.


Veracruz Dried Chile Blend (Dried Jalapeños Chipotle Meco, Chipotle Morita), Roasted Coffee, Vanilla Essence, Allspice, Regional Piloncillo, Banana Vinegar, Sea Salt.

Properly Hot (8/10)

Tasting Notes:
Fragrant, Smoky, Fruity

The uses for Salsa Macha are only as limited as your imagination.  Use this variation to enliven any of your favorite regional dishes, any roasted root vegetable or tuber, or try it as an unexpected accompaniment to a cheese plate.

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