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 Friends and Family,


I recently started up a business called XILLI, a line of authentic Mexican Salsas, Mole and Escabeches—staples in Mexican kitchens for centuries—which we’re making by hand in Brooklyn both as a tribute to Mexican cuisine and to advocate for Mexico’s rich culinary traditions.


In the six months since we launched we have already had such a strong response that we are busting at the seams. But our sudden success has left us desperate to expand without the resources to do so. In fact, it has been so dramatic, that it could be our undoing if we do not get more funding. 


I launched a Kickstarter campaign last week and we are one-fourth of the way through the period we set to crowd fund, but we are far from one-fourth our goal, let alone the entire sum we need to keep XILLI going. Our attempts on social media just aren’t cutting it and we really need you help. 


The spirit of crowd funding, as you know, is that if a lot of people contribute a little, big things can happen.  And it is this spirit that we are depending on. If you could donate $10 and then send it to 10 of your friends, asking them to contribute $10 and send it to 10 of their friends to contribute, our Kickstarter will be a success. 


So please, help us however you can. A small contribution from a lot of people makes a big difference. Plus, there's salsas, moles and escabeches in it for you.