At XILLI we cook by hand, in small batches, one ingredient after the other, honoring traditional recipes. 

The first step for us was to learn from those who came before us, to research and understand our history, and get a deeper sense of Mexican culinary traditions and flavors. 

Moles, Escabeches and Adobos have been staples in Mexican kitchens for centuries. Being the cornerstone of Mexican cuisine, they are nonetheless complex and time-consuming to make. Take moles. Moles consist of more than 30 ingredients, each ideally needing to be cooked separately. 

We start with research-based knowledge of traditional techniques and centuries-old recipes. Then, we carefully and thoroughly develop our own interpretation. 

We strive for perfection, but believe it can only be achieved through persistence, practice, and the art of consistent reproduction. 

We hold conscientious methods and communal values as cornerstones of our vision. 

We work in a thoughtful, mindful, aware approach. We are true to sustainable business methods and practices, all the while pushing boundaries and finding new, innovative ways to engage. 

Our products are delicious, authentic and unique.

We bring the flavors of a Mexican Abuela’s cooking to kitchens across the world.